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Endless (fun) possibilities

At Boating is Fun Camp, we provide a place for campers to have fun in the summer and become a part of a community by fostering friendships and building confidence through teaching boating safety. 

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Boating Is FUN Camp

These week-long sessions are filled with lots of time on the water learning paddling strokes, sailing terms and independence on the water. Choose sailing or kayaking (full days can include either or both!) and watch your little skipper transform into a commander of the seas.

8 - 13

Half Day: $269
(extended day - add $35)

Full Day: $399
(extended day - add $35 AM, $35 PM)

Camp Dates

Week Date Stoneham Natick Hopkinton
Week 1 June 22 - June 26  
Week 2 June 29 - July 2*
Week 3 July 6 - July 10
Week 4 July 13 - July 17
Week 5 July 20 - July 24
Week 6 July 27 - July 31
Week 7 August 3 - August 7
Week 8 August 10 - August 14
Week 9 August 17 - August 21  
*Camp will not be held July 3rd due to the holiday. Pricing is prorated accordingly.

Boating For Teens Camp

Boating camp veterans! Boating is for Teens camp is a program designed for those who have tried their sea legs and looking to fine-tune their skills and take their boating skills to the next level! Geared toward ages 13-15, it's a great time on the water. And who knows? Maybe one day you'll be able to instill your own nautical wisdom on polywogs in years to come! 

13 - 15

One Session (4 weeks): $1199

Camp Dates

Session Date Stoneham Natick Hopkinton
Session 1 June 22 - July 17*
Session 1 June 29 - July 24*
Session 2 July 20 – August 14
*Camp will not be held July 3rd due to the holiday.

Eco-Paddling Camp - NEW!

This year, we are announcing a BRAND NEW Eco Camp at our historic Riverside Boathouse in Newton! Building off the fundamentals of Boating Is FUN Camp, we're going to put our paddling skills to the test and explore the local watershed in our section of the Charles River. Our little adventurers will be learning all sorts of science and getting their hands dirty with things like pond scum, water lilies and other nature stuff--all while having fun and perfecting their skills in a canoe, kayak or paddleboard!

10 - 13

Full Day: $399

Extended day:  Add $35 AM, $35 PM
Extended day campers might get some extra time on the water, play a fun game on land, or master the fine art of tying a monkey’s fist.

Camp Dates

Week Date Newton
Week 1 July 6 - 10 CLOSED
Week 2 July 13 - 17
Week 3 July 20 - 24
Week 4 July 27 - 31 CLOSED

Boating camp FAQs

Who are we?

At Boating is Fun Camp, we provide a place for campers to have fun in the summer and become a part of a community by fostering friendships and building confidence through teaching boating safety.

Our camp directors and senior staff attend American Camp Association classes so they know how to run an amazing (and safe) camp for kids. All our staff have their American Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification. We have US Sailing Instructors and American Canoe Association Instructors. Everyone is trained in small boat safety and more than half of the crew are American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

All this certification isn’t left to go rusty. Each summer, before campers arrive, every crew member spends 5 days brushing up on lifeguarding, boat safety, class management, child care protocols for camps and emergency protocols.

You won’t find a more safety conscious crew. More than that, the kids will find mentors in their camp leaders and will be having so much fun, they will learn more than they realize!

Who is boating camp for?

Everybody! Both girls and boys between the ages of 8 and 15 who are eager to learn about boating and have fun on the water. No prior boating experience necessary.
Campers ages 8 to 13 will participate in our Boating is Fun Camp Track. Campers ages 13 to 15 will participate in our Boating is for Teens Camp Track. (If you’re 13, you get to decide which ones sounds like a better fit!)

Boating is Fun Camp requires that all campers:

  • Can swim 50 yards and tread water for 60 seconds
  • Can understand and communicate effectively with the staff
  • Can maintain an airtight seal with their lips
  • Can rotate themselves from a face down position in the water to face up when in a lifejacket
  • Physically in good health and with up-to-date immunizations
  • Ready to have fun!

If you find your camper cannot meet some of these requirements, please contact our staff so we can discuss options.

What does a typical day at Boating is Fun Camp look like?

8:00 - 9:00: Extended Day campers are dropped off
9:00: Drop-off for Full Day and Morning Half Day campers
9:00-9:30: Attendance, daily announcements, lessons on shore, land drills or land games.
9:30 - 11:45: Water Drill or Game
11:45 - 12:00: Back on land: de-brief Morning Session, gather belongings to head home or get ready for lunch.
12:00: Morning Half Day camper pick-up
12:00 - 1:00: Full Day camper Lunch
1:00: Afternoon Half Day camper drop-off
1:00-1:30: Attendance, daily announcements, lessons on shore, land drills or land games.
1:30 - 3:45: Water Drill or Game
3:45 - 4:00: Back on land: de-brief Afternoon Session, gather belongings to head home.
4:00: Afternoon Half Day and Full Day camper pick-up.
4:00 - 5:00: Extended Day camper pick-up

What was that you said about teaching boating safety?

All of our camps have 1 instructor supervising every 7 children which means no one gets left out. We're actually pretty proud of the fact that we beat the state requirements (of 1 instructor to every 10 children). And every instructor is qualified, so we're pretty serious about supervision and safety. To top it off, all campers and camp staff must wear Coast Guard Type III Life Jackets at all times when on the water or docks. Yes siree.

Our camps must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (105 CMR 430.000) and are licensed and inspected by each camp’s local Board of Health. But the kids will be having so much fun; they won't even notice how safe they are.

Our Commitment to our Campers and their Families:

We want you to know that at Boating is Fun! Camp we are committed to working with you, our campers and families. If you ever have any questions or concerns, be sure to voice them to the Camp Director at your location either by email (you’ll receive their contact information when you sign up) or during drop-off on the first day of camp.

During each camp day, we are constantly alert and paying close attention to identify any possible issues so that we can proactively solve problems. Still, sometimes campers have concerns that they are not yet ready to discuss with a counselor but may bring up at home. We ask that you please communicate these concerns to our staff so they may take the appropriate steps to ensure a fun and safe experience for each camper all week long. We believe in having open lines of communication!

We also encourage you to let us know how we are doing. Constructive feedback helps us improve our processes and positive comments boost morale.

Can we enroll in different AM and PM activities for Boating is Fun Camp?

You sure can! We have designed the activities to be mixed and matched so you could enroll in just one activity, like AM Sailing and PM Sailing; or choose something more challenging and do a different activity between morning and afternoon, like AM Sailing and PM Kayaking!

Can I book multiple weeks of Boating is Fun Camp? Do I have to book multiple weeks consecutively?

Of course you can book multiple weeks! And they do not need to be consecutive at all! You can book any weeks throughout the summer.

What if it rains?!

We run the camps rain or shine so you don't need to worry about weather going and spoiling the fun. If it does get a bit crazy, we've got loads of inside landlubber games and activities that will tucker them out just as much.

What will campers learn during their four weeks at Teen Camp?

Teen Camp is designed to focus on not just boating skills and safety but also leadership and team building with a priority on creating a tight-knit community within each session. Campers will review and improve their skills in both Sailing and Kayaking (and SUP in Hopkinton and Natick) over the course of four weeks. (But it’s okay to be a complete beginner, too!) They’ll have the opportunity to practice their leadership skills, both with their peers and also by working with our campers from the Boating is Fun Camp program. And they’ll even be certified in First Aid & CPR by the American Red Cross!

What is the camp environment at Boating Camp?

The environment at boating camp is high energy, outdoors, in the sunshine, on the water, includes a lot of transitioning and a variety of activities, is highly social, and requires that your camper spend a lot of time wearing a life jacket.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your camper and the camp environment, please reach out to camp staff by calling 617-299-3392 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Are the camps licensed?

In one word... Yes! In some more words.... Boating in Boston camps must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (105 CMR 430.000) and are licensed and inspected by the local Board of Health.

Can I review the counselors background checks, camp health care policy, discipline and grievance policies?

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the request of what you would like to go over or ask our camp director when you are dropping your kids off! We have no problems with parents reviewing this information and welcome it.

Are the instructors qualified?

You can rest assured knowing that all our camp counselors are qualified with at least CPR and First Aid certification but most are also Red Cross Lifeguard Certified. Their training from the American Canoe Association and US Sailing is always up to date and we make sure we have at least 1 counselor assigned to every 7 campers.

Will my camper be swimming at camp? Do they have to be a great swimmer to enjoy camp?

There is no swimming at boating camp, we're too busy boating! However, we are on the water, in boats for the majority of each day. And there are times when campers and staff may find themselves briefly in the water: during instruction of kayak rescues or sailing capsize recoveries to name a few. US Coast Guard Certified Type III life jackets are worn at all times when on the docks and on the water by both campers and staff.

As we're on and near the water so much, we ask that your camper is comfortable around the water.

During our registration process, as a part of our Eligibility Requirements, we ask that you certify that your camper can swim at least 50 yards (approximately 2 laps in a pool) and tread water for 1 minute; that you understand that if your camper is not comfortable in the water they should not go boating; and that you understand that this is at your discretion.

What should we pack for camp?

During the day the kids are going to be tearing around outside (and sometimes inside) so to make sure they are fully equipped for their pirate adventure, campers should arrive with:

  • Full water bottles (we recommend 2 or 3)

  • Wearing a swimsuit with quick-drying clothes over

  • Towel

  • Hat

  • Waterproof Sunscreen 15+ already applied

  • Sunscreen in their bag so they can put some more on later

  • Sunglasses

  • Closed-toe water shoes or sneakers that can get wet and messy (no flip flops!)

  • Raingear (if it looks like it might rain)

  • Lunch (for full day campers)

  • And a sense of adventure!!!

Is there availability for the week I want?

Our capacities are determined by a number of things, including how many boats we have available. So once we’re full, we’re full! Our registration software will never offer an activity unless there are open spots. You’ll know an option is unavailable because it will be missing from the session list or greyed out. You can find that out by checking out our upcoming sessions, clicking on the individual session in which you’re interested, and checking out the available options.

View upcoming sessions

What if my child has a food allergy?

Please be sure to note the allergy and any corresponding medications and information we need to know about on your camper’s Health History form during the registration process when you’re asked about allergies. If you have any concerns about your camper’s allergies please contact us so we can work together to keep your camper safe while at camp.

Should my camper bring their cell phone or tablet to camp?

We love technology and the ways it can connect us but in today’s world face-to-face interaction and connection is increasingly rare. At Boating Camp, we’d like to give everyone a screen break so we can focus on building a community with fellow campers and staff and also on exploring the environment, both on and off the water. To help us be successful in this venture we ask that you leave all your gadgets at home or at the very least, away in a backpack. If you need to contact your camper during the camp day you can always call 617-299-3392. And if your camper needs to contact you they can always check in with their Camp Director who will be happy to put everyone in touch.

What if I have more questions?

Just drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 617-299-3392. We’d love to have a chat about the camps, the lessons, the memberships, the boats, the staff .... well we’d love to chat about anything you like!

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