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At Boating is Fun Camp, we provide a place for campers to have fun in the summer and become a part of a community by fostering friendships and building confidence through teaching boating safety. 


Boating Is FUN Camp

These week-long sessions are filled with lots of time on the water learning paddling strokes, sailing terms and independence on the water. Choose sailing or kayaking (full days can include either or both!) and watch your little skipper transform into a commander of the seas.

8 - 13

Half Day (Morning or Afternoon):$279
Extended day* add $35

Full Day: $439
Extended day add $35 AM, $35 PM

*Extended day allows for drop off as early as 8am or pick up as late as 5pm -

Camp Dates

Week Date Stoneham Natick Hopkinton
Week 1 June 27 - July 1 None
Week 2 July 5 - July 8*
Week 3 July 11 - July 15
Week 4 July 18 - July 22
Week 5 July 25 - July 29
Week 6 August 1 - August 5
Week 7 August 8 - August 12
Week 8 August 15 - August 19
Week 9 August 22 - August 26

Boating Camp Gift Certificates Available

*Camp will not be held July 4th due to the holiday. Pricing is prorated accordingly.

Boating For Teens Camp

Boating camp veterans! Boating is for Teens camp is a program designed for those who have tried their sea legs and looking to fine-tune their skills and take their boating skills to the next level! Geared toward ages 13-15, it's a great time on the water. And who knows? Maybe one day you'll be able to instill your own nautical wisdom on polywogs in years to come! 

13 - 15

One Session (4 weeks): $1399

Camp Dates

Session Date Stoneham Natick Hopkinton
Session 1 July 5 - July 29*
Session 2 August 1 - August 26

Boating Camp Gift Certificates Available

*Camp will not be held July 4th due to the holiday.

River Adventure Camp

Building off the fundamentals of Boating Is FUN Camp, we're going to put our paddling skills to the test and explore the local watershed in our section of the Charles River. Our little adventurers will be learning all sorts of science and getting their hands dirty with things like pond scum, water lilies and other nature stuff--all while having fun and perfecting their skills in a canoe, kayak or paddleboard!

10 - 13

Full Day: $439

Extended day:  Add $35 AM, $35 PM
Extended day campers might get some extra time on the water, play a fun game on land, or master the fine art of tying a monkey’s fist.

Camp Dates

Week Date Newton
Week 1 July 11 - 15
Week 2 July 18 - 22
Week 3 July 25 - 29
Week 4 August 1 - 5

Boating Camp Gift Certificates Available

*Camp will not be held July 4th due to the holiday.

Boating camp FAQs

Camp Background

Mission Statement and Goals

Boating in Boston Day Camps strive to teach safe boating in a fun learning environment by instructing and reinforcing boating safety and skills. Our goal is to teach campers both independence and teamwork, and to promote self-confidence through sailing and paddle sports.

Camp Environment

The environment at boating camp is high energy, outdoors, in the sunshine, on the water, includes a lot of transitioning and a variety of activities, is highly social, and requires that your camper spend a lot of time wearing a life jacket.

Camper Ratios

Our camper to camp staff ratio is 8 to 1, promoting personal interactions between campers and counselors. Each camper is assigned to a specific counselor during each session. Counselors are expected to supervise children specifically grouped with them and to keep a general awareness of the activities of other counselors’ groups. 

Location, Days & Times



Hopkinton State Park, Cedar Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748


Cochituate State Park, Commonwealth Road (Rt 30), Natick, MA 01760


Newton Historic Boathouse, 2401 Commonwealth Ave (Rt. 30), Newton, MA 02466


4 Woodland Road, Stoneham, MA 02180

Days & Times

Full Day: 9am - 4pm

Morning Half Day: 9am - 12pm

Afternoon Half Day: 1pm - 4pm

Extended day options available!

Camp Credentials


This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health. Every year our camps are inspected by local boards of health.

American Camp Association (ACA) Accreditation

In addition to state licensing standards, our camps are also accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). Every three years, we are inspected by representatives of the ACA who certify that we are following the ACA’s established guidelines for needed policies, procedures, and practices. Learn more about the ACA at

Hiring Procedures

Each staff member undergoes a thorough interviewing and hiring process. Applicants must provide three references, and a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and Sexual Offender Record Information (SORI) background check is conducted for all Boating in Boston staff.

Staff Qualifications

We are committed to hiring motivated staff who will act as positive role models to campers. Our hiring includes prior campers and camp staff, full­time teachers, and college students. You can rest assured knowing that all our camp counselors are qualified with at least CPR/First Aid and most are Red Cross lifeguard certified. All are trained to recover capsized watercraft and have some training from the American Canoe Association and/or US Sailing.

Camper Requirements

We want to make sure that camp is a fun and meaningful environment. That being said, one camp does not fit all. The needs of children are diverse and some environments are more suited to their happiness and development than others.

All campers are expected to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Are in good health and have up­to­date physical and immunizations on record 

  • Can understand and communicate effectively with the staff 

  • Can thrive in a 1 to 10 counselor to camper ratio 

  • Can swim 50 yards (approximately 2 laps in a pool) and tread water for 60 seconds 

  • Can maintain an airtight seal with their lips 

  • Can rotate themselves from a face­down to face­up position in the water when in a PFD 

  • Are comfortable around the water and ready to have fun!

Registrations for campers who do not meet these requirements may be subject to termination. 

Special Needs

We love children of all types, but our resources only permit us to accept campers that fulfill our eligibility requirements. If you have a child with special needs who is unable to meet one or more of our eligibility requirements, email us at to learn more about our universal access program. 

Registration Policies

Cancellation and Refund Policy

For camp cancellations received 45 days or more before the start date of the camp session, we will issue a full refund less a $75 registration fee. There are no refunds for camp cancellations received less than 45 days before the camp session start date. Please call or email us for cancellations.

Transfer Policy

Space permitting, a one­time transfer may be made with a minimum of two weeks prior notice to your new camp week's start date.

Wait List

Only sessions with availability will be offered during registration; our registration software will never offer a week unless there are open spots. During registration, full sessions will not be listed in the session list. Our capacities are determined by a number of things, including how many boats we have available. So once we’re full, we’re full!

If you are registering multiple campers and are nervous about availability, please call or email us.

Prorating Camps

For children to have the best camp experience, we believe they should participate in a full week of camp. For this reason, we do not prorate camps.

Termination Policy

If the staff deems it is in the best interest and/or safety of the camper, other campers, parents, or staff, Boating In Boston reserves the right to terminate a camper’s enrollment with or without refund. If a camper’s enrollment termination is deemed necessary, parents will be notified of reasons for termination of services. 

Camper FAQs

What if it rains?

We run camp rain or shine so you don’t need to worry about weather spoiling the fun. During light or moderate rain, some camp activities will be modified, but most will continue as scheduled. Should rain become heavy or be accompanied by high winds and lightning, campers will be kept away from the elements. Camp is NEVER cancelled due to rain. Rainy days allow us to make time for classroom instruction and lots of fun indoor games!

Will my camper be swimming at camp?

There is no swimming at boating camp: We’re too busy boating! However, there are times when campers and staff may find themselves briefly in the water, during capsize recoveries, for example. Campers and camp staff must wear US Coast Guard Type III Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) at all times when on the docks or on the water.

Will my camper be grouped with her/his friends?

We will do our best! We enjoy seeing friends and family playing together; however, we will split up groups when appropriate. There may be circumstances (age and/or ability) which limit our ability to meet your request. Before asking that a younger brother or sister “look out” for their sibling, please be mindful that older campers may have conversations not appropriate for young ears and older camper have outgrown certain children’s games.

Also, please be mindful that we have to work within our resources to provide a fun and safe environment for all campers. Luckily, there are times when groups will team up together or when the entire camp interacts. Your child will be able to be with her or his friend during this time. And remember, camp is about making new friends too!

Should my camper bring a cell phone or tablet to camp?

We’d like to give everyone a screen break. Please discourage your child from bringing electronic devices to camp. They distract campers from building new friendships and from engaging with camp activities, making it difficult for camp staff to fulfill our mission and goals. We ask that children leave their gadgets at home or at the very least, away in a backpack. If you need to contact your camper during the camp day, you can always call 617­299­3392.

What should my camper wear to camp?

Children should wear clothing suitable for the weather and boating activities. Appropriate items include bathing suit, shorts and t­shirt (on most warm, sunny days), hat for sun protection, light rain jacket (for chilly mornings and rain), and close­toed shoes with heel support (no flip­flops!). Please label all items sent to camp with the child’s name. We encourage you to dress your child in clothing that you do not mind getting dirty or stained. Check the weather and make adjustments to your child’s clothing as needed. Dressing them in layers often works best!

What should my camper bring to camp?

All campers (half­day and full­day) should bring plenty of water. Half­day campers may want to bring a change of clothes and a plastic bag for wet clothes. We suggest providing half­day campers with a snack for the end of their session, or having a snack ready when you arrive for pick­up. They will be hungry!

Full­day campers should bring a backpack to keep all of their belongings together. Full­day campers must bring a healthy, nut­free lunch. Please send only non­perishable foods because refrigeration is not possible. Recommended items to pack: a change of clothes, towel, plastic bag (for wet items), and swimsuit (if not already wearing one). Label the camper’s items with his/her name.

What shouldn’t my camper bring?

  • cell phone
  • video games
  • personal stereo
  • iPad
  • expensive jewelry or watches
  • new or expensive clothes
  • money
  • weapons
  • alcohol and drugs
  • personal sports equipment (unless otherwise approved)
  • vehicles
  • animals


Can my camper buy lunch

No. Campers are not to bring any money to camp.

What if I have more questions?

Just drop us an email at  or give us a call at 617-299-3392. We’d love to have a chat about the camps, the lessons, the memberships, the boats, the staff .... well we’d love to chat about anything you like!

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 99

Hopkinton, MA

Email to Submit Camp Forms:


Phone: 617­299­3392

Fax: 888­328­2451 

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