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Endless Fun in the Sun

Boating Camps

Youth Boating Day Camps are a great way to spend summer days having fun and making new friends. All of our camps strive to teach safe boating in a fun learning environment by instructing and reinforcing boating safety and skills. Our goal is to teach campers both independence and teamwork and to promote self-confidence through sailing and paddle sports. It’s high-energy outdoor fun on the water, which includes a lot of transitioning and a variety of activities.

Hands-on experience is the best way to learn to sail, so our emphasis is on learning by doing. Weather permitting, kids will be boating 90% of the time and should wear shorts, shirts, rubber-soled shoes (no flip flops), and should bring other clothing appropriate for the forecast.

Our camper to camp staff ratio is 8 to 1, promoting personal interactions between campers and counselors. Each camper is assigned to a specific counselor during each session. Counselors are expected to supervise children specifically grouped with them and to keep a general awareness of the activities of other counselors’ groups.


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boating is fun camp

These week-long sessions are filled with lots of time on the water learning paddling strokes, sailing terms and independence on the water. Choose sailing or kayaking (full days can include either or both!) and watch your little skipper transform into a commander of the seas.

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boating for teens camp

Boating camp veterans! Boating for Teens camp is a program designed for those who have tried their sea legs and are looking to fine-tune their skills and take their boating skills to the next level! Geared toward ages 13-15, it's a great time on the water. And who knows? Maybe one day you'll be able to instill your own nautical wisdom on polliwogs in years to come!

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river adventure camp

Building off the fundamentals of Boating Is Fun Camp, we're going to put our paddling skills to the test and explore the local watershed in our section of the Charles River. Our little adventurers will be learning all sorts of science and getting their hands dirty with things like pond scum, water lilies and other nature stuff--all while having fun and perfecting their skills in a canoe, kayak or paddleboard!

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