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Boating Camps

Youth Boating Day Camps are a great way to spend summer days having fun and making new friends. All of our camps strive to teach safe boating in a fun learning environment by instructing and reinforcing boating safety and skills. Our goal is to teach campers both independence and teamwork and to promote self-confidence through sailing and paddle sports. It’s high-energy outdoor fun on the water, which includes a lot of transitioning and a variety of activities.

Hands-on experience is the best way to learn to sail, so our emphasis is on learning by doing. Weather permitting, kids will be boating 90% of the time and should wear shorts, shirts, rubber-soled shoes (no flip flops), and should bring other clothing appropriate for the forecast.

Our camper to camp staff ratio is 8 to 1, promoting personal interactions between campers and counselors. Each camper is assigned to a specific counselor during each session. Counselors are expected to supervise children specifically grouped with them and to keep a general awareness of the activities of other counselors’ groups.

This camp must comply with regulations of the MDPH & be license by the LBOH.


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boating is fun camp

These week-long sessions are filled with lots of time on the water learning paddling strokes, sailing terms and independence on the water. Campers will experience all aspects of boating (paddling, sailing and beyond) throughout the week.

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boating for teens camp

Boating camp veterans! Boating for Teens camp is a program designed for those who have tried their sea legs and are looking to fine-tune their skills and take their boating skills to the next level! Geared toward ages 13-15, it's a great time on the water. And who knows? Maybe one day you'll be able to instill your own nautical wisdom on polliwogs in years to come!

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Boating Is Fun Camp FAQs

Yes! All of our camp counselors are qualified with at least CPR and First Aid Certifications. Most counselors are Red Cross Lifeguard Certified as well, and any training from the American Canoe Association and U.S. Sailing is kept up to date. We make sure that we have a 1:7 ratio, with 1 lifeguard or instructor to every 7 campers.

We love to recognize the kids for a job well done and they love it, too! We offer Achievement Awards at the end of every camp week. These are based on the skills the kids learn during camp and are completely voluntary to participate in, but the kids love being able to show off their accomplishments! These awards also help us work out the skill levels before kids sign up for more advanced camps.

Sailing Achievement Awards:

  • Deck Hand
  • Skipper
  • Helmsman

Paddling Achievement Awards:

  • Paddling
  • Advanced Paddling
  • Paddler Rescue

Nope! You can book your weeks throughout the entire summer, as well as mixing and matching the programs. Feel free to sign up for both sailing and kayaking!

We all hope for a perfect Summer when it comes to weather but we know that doesn’t happen.  In the case of rain we will still have camp. If the rain and winds are light, campers will still go out on the water and get a little wet.  If the rains are heavy or the weather looks harsh, we have shelters at all of our locations where campers can be safe.  During our indoor time staff will still cover some boating lessons.  This can include knots, parts of the boat and safety lessons.  Please note there may be days in which the weather is sunny and warm but the winds make it unsafe to go on the water.  During these days our staff will continue to work on boating techniques but in a safer environment.

At Boating Is Fun Camp we want campers to experience a variety of bating activities throughout the week. In addition to spending half of the day sailing, campers will spend time learning how to kayak both single and double, canoe and in some locations learn stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).

The first day of camp can feel overwhelming especially for our newer and younger campers. Our staff will spend a great deal of time introducing themselves and going over our camp rules and expectation.  It is often our most “classroom” filled day of the week.

Our staff want to make sure that the campers’ sailing experience is fun and memorable.  To accomplish this there are a number of items that must be covered before they can head out on the water safely.  The campers will spend some time off the water going over these lessons before they head off in their boats. Don’t be discouraged if your camper doesn’t get a ton of sailing time their first day.

If you know that your camper will not be at camp ahead of time, please let the camp directors know.  If something comes up unexpectedly please make sure to email or call us in the morning so that our directors know who to expect.

Any additional questions you have should be answered in the parent handbook located here.  If you still have questions just drop us an email! We’d love to provide you with any information you’d like. Our email is [email protected]

Here you go: 01-562-6499.


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