Boat Rentals

Boat Rentals

When you rent a boat from us, you don’t just get the boat you know. You’ll get life jackets, paddles, cushions and some safety basics! Go out for an hour, two hours or all day!

Hourly Rental Prices

[Locations are: Hopkinton, Spot Pond, Natick, Newton, Wakefield, UMass, Pleasure Bay, Carson Beach]

Boat type*Suitable forPrice**Location Available
Single Kayak Anybody (13 - 99 years) $15/hr
Double Kayak 2 Adults + 1 small child $20/hr
Recreational Kayaks Child (7-12 years) $10/hr
Stand Up Paddleboard Anybody (8 - 99 years) $20/hr
3 Person Canoe 2 - 3 people $25/hr
5 Person Canoe Up to 5 people $25/hr
Rowboat Up to 5 people $30/hr
Double Pedal Boat 2 Adults + 1-2 small children $25/hr
Quad Pedal Boat 4 Adults + 1-2 small children $30/hr
Windsurfer 1 Adult Season pass required
Cape Cod Mercury Sailboat 3 Adults + 1 Child Season pass required
MIT Tech Dinghy 2 Adults + 1 Child Season pass required

*Boat availability differs by location.
**Price does not include tax. Minimum rental 1 hour, pro-rated by the half hour after that. All-day rental rate is 4x hourly rate.

Save time at check-in by downloading our liability agreement.

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